Daily Charges

Daily charges are simply fees for services.

Daily Charges

Daily charges are simply a daily fee are to help with the cost of the day-to-day living expenses.

The most common daily charge is the Standard Resident Contribution. This fee is to help with the cost of the day-to-day living expenses, such as meals, laundry, electricity, and lifestyle activities.  It also contributes to the costs of personal care, including assistance with daily living such as bathing, dressing and toileting, assistance with mobility aids, therapy, and certain medical and pharmaceutical services.

No matter which home you decide to stay in, the aged care provider will always charge this daily fee.  The Federal Government sets the daily fee at 85% of the aged pension to ensure  residents are left with money to cover other living expenses, like newspapers and so on.

If the aged pension increases, the Standard Resident Contribution automatically increases as well.

Extra Services Fee

If an aged care provider proves to the Government that it can deliver higher quality accommodation plus a suite of personal and lifestyle services, it  may charge an Extra Services Fee. This fee is applicable at all Regis Club facilities.

This additional fee can cover premium services like a wider selection of meals with wine or beer, entertainment options (such as internet, pay TV, aromatherapy or day spas) and a higher standard of accommodation.

The fee for these extra services varies from home to home, so it's best to check how much it will cost directly with the Regis Club facility. Fees for Extra Services are regulated by the Aged Care Pricing Commissioner.

Remember, an Extra Services Fee is only charged if you choose an extra services approved facility.