Traditional Favourites & Contemporary Dishes

Regis Club Dining

We understand the importance of a well balanced, nutritious diet based on fresh and tasty ingredients and offering variety.

Guided by our National Catering Team our on-site chefs and cooks each and every day prepare home-style meals taking into account common preferences, seasonal produce availability and special dietary needs.

Our menus are based on a seasonal four week rotational menu, are designed in consultation with resident feedback so that we capture favourites, and are approved by qualified dietitians to maximise nutritional balance.

Our dining offering includes traditional favourites, international cuisines and themed menus celebrating cultural, sporting and family occasions.

We also recognise and embrace the social importance of eating – our dining rooms are set up for social interaction as well as providing a place for families and friends to join residents for a meal.

In line with best dietary practices and resident preferences the main meal of the day is lunch, with dinner being a slightly lighter option.

On any day in our facilities a daily dining experience can look like the below extracts from our classic menus. 


Breakfast comprises Cereal or Porridge, Fruit Compote, Juice, Toast, Spreads and a cup of tea or coffee. It also includes a tasty cooked breakfast weekly.

Morning Tea

Treats such as Bacon Pinwheel Pastries, Cheesy Scones, Bruschetta along with tea and coffee.


Traditional comfort favourites, think Roast Pork and Apple Sauce; Poached Fillets of Fish and Slow Baked Chicken with a Herb Farce.

All meals are served with seasonal vegetables and complemented by a delicious home-made dessert such as Crème Caramel, Sticky Date Pudding or Rhubarb and Apple Crumble.

Afternoon Tea

Bakery delights such as Matchsticks, Fruit Scones and Hedgehog Slice… and cups of tea or coffee.


Featuring traditional, eclectic and vegetarian choices such as Asian Noodles, Zucchini Frittata and Ham and Cheddar Toasties served with a fresh green salad.

Each meal is accompanied by a home-made seasonal soup and finished with a serve of fresh fruit.


Lighter options round out the day including Sandwiches, Sweet Biscuits, Sweet and Savoury Snacks, Milo and Tea.

Lunch and Dinner Alternate Lighter Options: Residents are also welcome to choose a salad or sandwich if that is their preference on any given day.

Special dietary requirements and needs such as smooth puree, gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian are also well taken care of with carefully designed specific menus.