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Regis Club Lifestyle

There are many factors to consider when moving a loved one into care and one of the most important is the ability for them to maintain their hobbies, skills and pastimes as well as to retain an active and social lifestyle.

At Regis we focus on our residents’ abilities and personal choices when developing facility specific lifestyle programs. Our aim is to provide an environment where residents’ life skills can, wherever possible, be retained and a daily sense of empowerment is paramount.


We have developed a unique lifestyle program, PIEC&S, whereby we aim for our residents to continue to connect with life through valuing and incorporating their Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Cultural and Social needs, and preferences. 

PIEC&S focuses on the following attributes:

Personal - making our program personal through on-going resident consultation

Independent - keeping our residents independent through a range of games designed to engage and stimulate

Engaging - engaging residents in a variety of activities and services whilst maximising their community links, social lives, and enjoyment of life

Consultative – consulting with residents, their families and our lifestyle staff in developing monthly lifestyle programs

Self-esteem - optimising the self-esteem of residents through consultative processes and volunteering roles such as our ‘Resident Buddy Program’

The Program

Our National Lifestyle Team takes ideas, activities and concepts from our facilities across the country and creates the tools needed so they are available to all residents.

Our annual Theme Calendar assists each facility to celebrate at least one major occasion each month along with the flexibility to also celebrate more localised occasions influenced by resident or local community interests.

Our qualified Lifestyle Coordinators organise a variety of social, recreational and creative activities. Residents are regularly invited to attend both indoor and outdoor activities.

Examples of activities within our PIEC&S program include live entertainment, BBQs, happy hours, craft, trivia quizzes, exercise groups, art classes, discussion groups and a range of board and interactive games.

Incursions such as visiting pets, musicians, school children, speakers and experts are invited to present and entertain in a variety of ways. Incursions occur regularly and are varied in accordance with resident interests.

Organised Outings can include trips to local points of interest, picnics, clubs, cafes, cinemas and theatres, and national parks or beaches.

Celebrations and events are held throughout the year in addition to the activities program and include Valentine’s Day, ANZAC Day, St Patrick’s Day, Cultural Diversity Day, Melbourne Cup, Easter and Christmas, as well as birthday celebrations.

The Men’s Group: a place where male residents can relax, mingle and socialise. This may include a book club, a trip to a club or sporting event, or a visiting theme bus which features woodworking materials, a dartboard, radio, sporting memorabilia and books.

Our activities are planned as a result of resident input and common interest. Family and friends are invited and encouraged to participate as much as possible in lifestyle activities.

Staying Connected

We value our residents’ skills and abilities and believe it is important that, wherever possible, residents retain the life skills that give them enjoyment, a sense of purpose and familiarity.

Within our PIEC&S program we offer residents the opportunity to assist in activities or areas they are interested in. This may be as simple as setting the table each afternoon for dinner, as active as assisting with the gardening, as tactile as flower arranging or as social as calling out the bingo game or delivering the mail.

There is also an opportunity for residents to volunteer for our Resident Buddy Program which links existing residents with new residents assisting them during the transition period into our facility. Our Buddies help new residents familiarise themselves with their new home and make new friends.

All volunteer activities are supported by our staff who do not rely on but encourage residents to volunteer where they have an inclination.